Highland Heights

KZ Companies has an upcoming town center project in Highland, California, and includes a small lot subdivision. The primary advantage for the homeowner of a small lot versus a condominium is the ability to own the fee simple interest in the land.

Highland Height’s design is built with the residents in mind. There will be paths, seating, open space and beautiful landscaping. All units will have exceptional landscaping and enhanced architectural features.

The commercial component is designed to complement the overall theme of the Town Center. Sidewalks and paths will extend to the adjoining neighborhoods and allow residents to walk or bicycle between living area and retail services. Our goal is to ensure that the Project maintains a mix of attractive services to Highland’s population.

  • Small Lot Fee Simple Single Family Residential Homes

    The residential portion of the project will feature 34 small lot, single family homes with private backyards and shared neighborhood amenities.

  • Commercial Buildings

    A commercial strip will complement the residential side of the project. Tenants’ architecture will be flexible enough to be modified to accentuate residential buildings.

  • The New Town Center

    Our team worked closely with the city to help describe the vision of the Town Center to the development community. The mix of residential and commercial buildings will influence the future remainder of the Base Line corridor.